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"Nodal Convergence" and "Hunter's Moon" are my first novels containing full-length adventures in Science Fiction (SciFi). Amazed at the progress made in paleontology of the last decade, they addressed a plausible method of non-wormhole time-travel and a new vision of the animals we call dinosaurs.

Have you ever noticed that most dinosaur stories involve bringing those animals back to our present time? This means we see the monster, usually attacking Tokyo, San Diego or some other city, and see nothing of the fascinating and even more exciting life of these many strange species now gone from our world.

Of course, all birds are dinosaurs but remember that most of the dinosarus left no present day descendants. Our species has been around for little more than a million years. Imagine a world, unbothered by rapid climatic variations where life has evolved for more than a hundred and fifty million years to a degree of perfection we cannot visualize. Now try and visualize yourself stranded in a land where you are hunted by not a single lumbering monster but a cunning pack of giant Tyrannosaurus Rex predators. Who knows where Darwin's evolution would have taken those long extinct species over the past sixty-five million years if an asteroid would not have interrupted their life-cycle?

SciFi entered my life very early and it carried me into the world of Physics. Physics is an all-encompassing science capable of addressing every field from Paleontology to Astronomy to Geology with a very unique methodology that uses mathematics to describe its universe. Being fascinated by everything around me and preferring derivation to memorization, the field held immediate appeal for my young passions.

Science and business require very different styles of writing. Published works are formal and exact while even science magazine articles must be engrossing and entertaining while maintaining the precision of the content.

Over the past decades I've published technical articles, books, science magazine articles, patent, legal briefs, business marketing solutions and business plans. Anyone who thinks a business plan or research grant application is not fiction has never written one .... yet I never fully appreciated the level of craftsmanship needed for a good Novel.

I've been reading since before school and devoured everything from SciFi and the writings of Asimov, Pournelle, Niven and Verne to the words of Herodotus, Tacitus, Livy, Thucydides, Xenophon and Herodotus. The fascination and adventure of these authors has never left my life and occupied many hours of air travel that otherwise would have been wasted on business.

This world is a fascinating place and, being lucky enough to have a career that allowed me to work and befriend people from around the world, I've enjoyed this planet in a much deeper way than a vacationer or passing traveler. Even more wonderful is the realization that every trail followed, friend I met and place visited held wonderful and, many times, barely believable stories. Strange tales that are fodder for great novels.

Now begins another journey, that of being a writer of fiction or, to be a bit more precise, a Sci-Fi Author. In typical fashion, I decided to try something new in writing. I put references and explanations of the work at the end of each chapter.

Didn't work.

That approach was good for about half the readers, the other half simply wanted a good story. I quickly discovered there was more to the Novel than its story. There are things that must be done to involve the reader ... watch or read "Scheherazade" if you doubt me. It's the fascinating book of a girl who must learn to present the tale properly and her life depends upon it.

So, after the first novels, I took two years to learn more from a (fiction) writing coach. I now have a new and better style for my novels to offer and this website will tell the tale of "marketing" this story even as I continue crafting a new tale involving Historic Fiction.

A few final comments for anyone wishing to be a writer. It's a good and rewarding job but most probably you will not be able to make a living from it. Don't let anyone tell you different, good writing is a lot of work. Of course, you don't have to work all day in a spacesuit-like clean suit wishing you hadn't of gone out for that mexican bean lunch and beer. You don't have to sweat under the sun lifting cement blocks or stones as I did while working my way through college. However you will find yourself working many hours, even on vacation and the best places to work are those that inspire you. My office inspires me but it looks worse than the fabled "Chaos Manor" of that wonderful author, Jerry Pournelle.

Then again, there's my summer office where I often rise before the sun to begin writing and the one I used while on vacation in the Florida keys, the pictures of them are below; the job has its benefits.

Summer Office

Keys Office



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