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Welcome from Terrence Zavecz

This is the official website for my works of fiction. I have stories that cover a range of interests, focusing on science and history.

I want this site to be useful, a place where you can find information about me and my novels both past and presently being worked. From here you can contact me with your questions, comments and personal experiences. Thanks for visiting and please come back often.

My Goal for this Website

I have been writing professionally for more than forty years for technical publications in Physics, Optics, Semiconductor Science and high-technology marketing. It's only in the last few years that I've turned from being a reader of Science Fiction and History to becoming a writer of the challenging art form of fictional story telling. If you wish to know more about my personal life and past work, access the About tab.

January 2016 saw the release of my first novel in the "Crucible" series, "Crucible of a Species". You can find it on Amazon as well as Barnes and Noble in print form, 6x9 inch (full size) craft format. See the "Books" tab for a direct link., there's even an excerpt from the book located there.

My first two Science Fiction Novels, Nodal Convergence and Hunter's Moon, were self-published using CreateSpace in 2011 and 2012, respectively. I attempted to do something a little different in their content. Both of the stories presented tales of space and time travel as well as dinosaurs of the late Cretaceous. Unlike many dinosaur stories, these are not science fantasy but are well researched for accuracy and the plausibility of their concepts. I included references for further reading and commentary on how some of the tales were derived for I am amazed at the rapid growth in our knowledge of paleontology over the last ten years. I felt that, without the justification, some of the tales would be beyond belief; the references and commentary received surprisingly mixed reactions.

My first novels were fairly well received but more importantly, I gathered feedback from the readers and learned from both the positive and the negative commentary. I've posted some of them in the "Your Comments" menu along with more recent feedback. The lessons of these first attempts can be seen in the quality of the five-star 'Crucible' series.

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