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In Terry Zavecz's breathtaking debut thriller, 99 MYA, humanity finds itself confronted by an unexpected future and a path that diverts through Earth's most violent past. And yet the author sees the human-dinosaur interaction through a new perspective - one that keeps the reader turning pages.

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General Comments

Hi Terrence,
What can I say?? Fantastic and wow!

I love Sci-Fi books involving Space or Dinosaurs. With them both together bliss! I think the web site to go wth the books is fun. I'm 1/3 way through the second book. I hope there will be many more in the series, as the potential is mind boggling. For instance going ahead with the plan to colonise habitable planets in the past that eventually meet up with mother Earth 65.5myr later. Hypes that advance to the point of learning that allows them to be respected as equals to humans; Taking dinosaurs back to the present; Or a fanatical part of the 300 strong team that come to join the Hypes in the decision to prevent the K-2 ELE event ever happening, by stopping the comet. It would be a new start for the planet. No planet wide destruction by man! I loved the referencing and discussion at the end of each chapter. Very educational and interesting, granting access to reference papers. Keep them flowing!!!!!!

Crucible of a Species

In Terry Zavecz's breathtaking debut thriller, CRUCIBLE OF A SPECIES, humanity finds itself confronted by an unexpected future and a path that diverts through Earth's most violent past. And yet the author sees the human-dinosaur interaction through a new perspective - one that keeps the reader turning pages.

5.0 out of 5 stars - Fascinating
In 2032, the first attempt to an interstellar voyage to the distant galaxy of Tau Ceti went awry and the starship Argos was forced to return to Earth for repairs. The space explorers were in for a surprise, though — the Earth they knew was no longer; or, more accurately, was yet to be. They’d been thrown 99 million years into the past.

I loved the whole science, the adventure and that there was time-travel involved. It had plenty of action. There was danger at every turn, whether from human or animal sources. Vivid descriptions that brought it all alive. Diverse characters (loved Martel!) on a fascinating “new” world they needed to explore, or at least, survive. Suspending disbelief was easy. No, I was not surprised by the end. Yet it was a Great story. A total stand alone, but one I did Not want to see an end to.

5.0 out of 5 stars - Great story
I very much enjoyed reading this book. The double or triple fold in the story line was very well executed by the author. Yes, it wasn't hard to figure out the ending two thirds the way to the end but the journey there was worth it.
Character development was quite good with a nice mix of main, secondary and filler rolls.
The authors descriptions used through out the book were very good as well.
I think this is only the second or third five star rating I have awarded...I read at least five books a month, sometimes up to fifteen, just so you have a feel for my justification.

5.0 out of 5 stars - Crucible of a Species grabs your attention and doesn't let go.
Crucible of a Species is very different from the normal sci-fi venture of reading. It not only gets the reader into distant space and time, it does so in a manner that is totally believable. The author gives the reader just the right amount of scientific and technical definition that has you thinking "Well of course that's how it should work". The seamless transition from within the chapters on earth to the distant galaxies never leaves you thinking " How did we get here" . The right amount scientific explanation makes it all plausible. The many action sequences have the reader captured in first-person experiences by setting the scenes and immersing the reader with bold and colorful displays of heroism that one would expect from the defenders of their goals and our beliefs. It is a very worthwhile read, so set aside some time, because once you pick it up, you won't be able to put it down.


5.0 out of 5 stars - Star Trek meets Jurassic Park.
On the way to meet the Asteri, an unknown alien species, the crew falls through a wormhole and lands on the Earth some 99 million years in the past. The Earth is a pristine world filled with predators that quickly learn to consider humans a tasty delicacy. These dinosaurs are fast, smart, problem solvers, and can easily scent their prey. A few lucky humans do survive the feast.
As a Trekkie, I felt at home with Star Trek like references to space, the command structure aboard ship, and even the dialog. I loved the unflappable helmsman, Aaron Sassaman. Yes, I did and do love Star Trek. This was a great read and fed my addiction to Star Trek material. I am looking forward to the next installment in this new series.


Nodal Convergence

TZ has written a novel that questions the carbon dates of many discoveries. It is to be determined whether or not humans existed before the dinosaurs. The items found indicated that humans head been around a long time. The Human Artifacts Discovered Were Carbon Dated Fifty Million Years Ago. There were to many doors that were closed that had be reopened. This is an excellent for the genre.....ER

Loved the setting of this book, it was very entertaining!

I loved the research that you put into the background story! The links were interesting too.

The Future is in the Past!

Cleverly written e-book about the human race's quest to discover travel at light speed by going back; way back, in time to the Cretaceous era via the big red spot in Jupiter. This book is not as complex as it may seem but actually tosses out some very interesting hypothesis on many a scientific subject. Seriously, just how many of us can even get a grip on how much the world can and has changed in 300 millon years?

I cannot really get a grip on life 1,000 years ago much less multimillions of them. But, with that said, the desciption and references provided of the dinosaurs is amazing and thought provoking indeed! Book also provides some high power adventures and conflicts with the intelligent beasties of the eon. But the really mind bending concept comes at the end of the book when one of the scientist realizes the position of our solar system in Cretaceous time in relation to where we are located currently (2014) in our galaxy. I know this very well from an experience at the McDonald Observatory in Ft. Davis, Texas where one of the supervising Astronomers gave a detailed history of the position of the North Star 10,000 years ago and 25,000 years ago. Polaris has changed it's position in the heavens quiet a bit over that period of time.

So, buckle your seat beat for near light speed travel, strap on your body armor for battles with large reptiles, and keep an open mind when you read this wonderful bigger than life safari sci-fi adventure story.

By the way, ever wonder what the scientific community does discover when they dig up one of those prehistoric sites? Read and find out.

Hunter's Moon

New take on the "Time Travel to the Age of Dinosaurs" genre.

To be honest, I liked this book IN SPITE of the 'educational links' to be found at the end of each chapter.

There was good character development; a believably semi-scientific explanation for how Time Travel was possible; and a terrific portrayal of the Sauron species as quite different than most modern scientific information available on these Cretaceous Era creatures indicates.

I'm part way through the sequel, Hunter's Moon.

I would recommend these stories to anyone who has enjoyed stories like, "A Sound of Thunder" by Ray Bradbury and "The Saga of Pliocene Exile" by Julian May.

IF you enjoy a gripping, imaginative story you cannot go wrong with Mr. Zavecz' Cretaceous Station stories. I hope to see more in this series as well as further work from this writer in general. The last time I was this enthralled with a science fiction book was while reading the Heuorot books from Niven, Pournelle and Barnes. Bring on more!

I cannot wait for the next chapter of this fantastic saga. The storyline left me wanting more of this universe.

I enjoyed these 2 books: both the premise of how would humans survive and cope in a land of dinosaurs and the fast pace of the action. It was clear that the author did thorough research into the latest thoughts on what the dinosaurs were likely to be and the wealth of life after 100 million years of evolution in a warm environment.

As an engineer, I also appreciated the references and the science he added (independently of the story) at the end of each chapter. I hope I haven't read the last of this saga; this could be the foundation of much more than merely setting up a research station and tourist stop at the end of the Cretaceous Period. In short, a fun, unusual saga with great potential for a series.

A good yarn.

This is the second book in the series and picks up where the first one left off.

I appreciated that the author put some effort into the internal logic of the plot. That is there are no magical gardens and no magical doors that open mysteriously (well, there is one...).

The most distinctive characteristic of the book (series) is there are chapter notes. These are left as exercises for the interested student. The author supplies a few paragraphs with each chapter describing what's accepted science, what's speculative, and what's totally made up. I enjoyed the notes, but I can imagine that others would be put off.


End CR: Nodal Convergence

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