The 'Crucible Universe' Series

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Screams of the Hypes (2019)
*** A Novelette ***

A short novel, first published in a time-travel anthology "The Witness Paradox" edited by Martin Wilsey then later released as a separate publication.

The story provides an introduction to the crucible universe. Carrying the reader through time and space to both the future and distant past of the Cretaceous Era and a colony among the dinosaurs desperately fight for survival of the human race.

Year 2061 AD: ISA Warship Mercon encounters a mysterious ship in the cloud-tops of Jupiter. They give chase, crashing against a violent storm front. The warship is ripped to shreds but not before four lonely, injured survivors manage to escape aboard a shuttle.

The survivors have little hope of rescue. Then a huge, black shape-shifting form approaches and they are drawn in to a universe that defies their sense of what is and what may be. A universe of even greater dangers.

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NullBots (2017)
*~~* Book III of ‘The Crucible Series’ *~~*

Year 2058 AD: Hailey Sharpe’s life is dull except for the thrill of Manga. When her father accepts a job, Hailey’s world shrinks to one bag and a hurried launch to the orbital Skyport. Relocation transforms to desperate flight aboard an incredible starship to a beautiful world of strange new friends, amazing technology and fearsome dinosaurs.

Wanting to experience a tyrannosaur, Hailey’s friends sneak off-station into the jungle where an unknown AI installation draws them into a universe of time travel, replicating swarm robotics, tachyon synaptic networks, drones of pure gravitic energy and multi-dimensional forces clashing in a struggle that threatens more than their world. It’s a society she is uniquely able to manipulate thanks to her affinity for her newly implanted ‘Hive Tab’ and reluctant Hailey becomes a pivotal player in their struggle to survive.

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Forge of a Species (2017)

*~~* Book II of ‘The Crucible Series’ *~~*

Year 2056AD: Mark Nolen built a company to mine the waters of Jupiter’s moon Europa while secretly conducting forbidden research in interstellar and time travel but the ISA has become suspicious. Nolen decides to move 325 Scientists, engineers, skilled workers and their children to construct an interstellar port back on Earth, but it’s not the Earth we know. Traveling far back in time, they are forced to emerge from the timeslip at the worst possible point -- the final days of the Cretaceous Era – danger close to when nearly all life died in a terrible catastrophe.

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Crucible of a Species (2016)

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*~~* Book I of ‘The Crucible Series’ *~~*

Year 2032AD: No one would have believed in the early years of the twenty-first century that their world was being governed keenly and closely by intelligence's greater than humanity’s and yet as mortal as their own.

In 2032, Homo sapiens stood on the threshold of the planetary system of their origin already planning their next giant evolutionary advance into the interstellar cosmos. As we gathered ourselves for this first faltering step outward, there came an answer to our greatest question. It arrived in the form of gifts of knowledge from a mysterious extraterrestrial intelligence we chose to call the Asteri. The gift-givers visited briefly then vanished, demanding only one simple but inescapable repayment; they wanted Homo sapiens to visit them.
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The 'Cretaceous Station' Series

Hunter's Moon (2013)

*~~* Book II of the series ‘ Cretaceous Station’ *~~*

A research center in the late Cretaceous -- the time of the great dinosaurs. They traveled back in time 65 million years to begin the experiments. Research begins with almost immediate breakthroughs and very promising results. One problem persists, the dinosaurs. Life forms that they found just before the end of the Cretaceous Period have been evolving for over a hundred million years.

The world is sunny, tropical and the surrounding wildlife beautiful and plentiful. Construction on a nearby starport and resort center begins. Then the rising of the full moon brings others. They are highly intelligent, powerful and very unfriendly.


Nodal Convergence (2012)

*~~* Book I of the series ‘ Cretaceous Station’ *~~*

Mankind is on the verge of travel to other stars. An expedition is already on the way to Alpha Centauri, the nearest star to the sun, but it will take more than four years to get there. Theory dictates that the starships should be capable of traveling many times faster than the speed of light but something is wrong with the models. Something in the universe, a universal constant, is changing that shouldn't.



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