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Crucible of a Species

-- 'Jurassic World' was a Sunday walk in a city park. --

The ‘Fermi Paradox’ exposes a burning question regarding humanity’s isolation in the universe. Physicist Enrico Fermi calculated that for each grain of sand in our world, there exist a hundred Earth-like planets in our universe. Yet, we find no trace of any civilization beyond our own.

So, where are the extraterrestrials -- why are we alone?"
.... and why is the answer so closely tied to ancient creatures we call DINOSAURS?


Our first interstellar expedition …

Should have been easy, after all, we had help.

In the year 2032 when a mysterious extraterrestrial intelligence, the Asteri, began transferring technology to our planet, resolving most energy and social issues. Their final gift was the design for an interstellar ship, the Argos, but with it came a warning, a strict timetable and a demand. They required humanity construct the Argos and its first voyage must be to the home world of the Asteri.

Colonel Daniel Drake defies growing political pressures and the Argos launches. The ship responds flawlessly until a terrorist’s bomb detonates.

The damaged Argos limps back to Earth – only to discover everything has changed. The Argos and its crew are 99 million years in the past; Earth dominated by dinosaurs and even greater problems lie ahead for the Asteri are not the kind to forgive favors spurned.


"…the author sees the human-dinosaur interaction through a new perspective - one that keeps the reader turning pages."
--Steve Alten, NY Times best-selling author of MEG & VOSTOK.

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