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Hailey Sharpe and the NullBot Swarm


Year 2058AD: The wildest fantasy of human imagination paled beneath the leaps and bounds of latter twenty-first-century technology. Except, of course, for young Hailey Sharpe who accepted wave drives, space elevators and colonies on nearby planets as commonplace. Dull compared to the magic of Manga storytelling and the excitement of teenage society.

One day, her father accepts a job offer and Hailey’s life shrinks to what she can stuff into one suitcase for a hurried flight to Skyport.

The Oz-like towers of the ISA Skyport at the top of the space elevator open a world of wondrous views and fascinating gadgets but the miracle is short lived when Hailey encounters strangers who somehow know more about her than they should. Her family is soon fleeing down darkened corridors to a strange ship that whisks them to a secret destination on the fringe of colonized space. They land on a much larger vessel filled with people living with strange bird-like creatures and a captain who assures her angry parents they will be returning to Earth.

Hailey’s world is expanding at a mind-numbing pace. Reluctantly, she accepts a body augmentation as they sail to an Earth that is nothing like their old home. The planet below is sixty-five million years younger and is on the brink of an apocalyptic catastrophe. A planet filled with unfamiliar life, dinosaurs she never learned of in school, and new friends who have never been to her Earth. This is a place of exceptional beauty and magic that intrigues her, driving her to explore no matter the risk. Hailey then discovers a danger greater than the wildlife and finds that her quick wit and ability may be their only chance of survival.

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